The power of performance

MD Power Train industrial engines are the result of more than two decades of industry experience. Developed using the shared innovations and technological solutions of the entire General Motors diesel portfolio, MD provide complete power solutions for just about any industrial application and speciality vehicle application.

Characterized by modern and impressive power and fuel economy, the engines are all based on a GM platform, which translates into a multitude of benefits that maximize your operation’s productivity with a strong focus on the future of our industry.

As committed partner, we offer our customers peace of mind all the way from application, installation, to vital aftermarket support and ILS solutions.

ExtremV Track Vehicle Distribution

ExtremeV Track Vehicle


From our engine program, we can tailor a solution that is optimal for your particular needs in terms of power, reliability, environmental performance, economy and maintenance.

With us you also get technical engineering support all the way from the very first idea to finished product. We have thorough engine and engineering skills within the company and are happy to share our knowledge with you.


With its global presence and awareness for individual market demands, provides first class expertise and vast knowledge of different engine applications that varies from marine and off-road to ekranoplanes. We will tailor-make a solution that meet your needs from the initial design and CAE, through integration and calibration. MD Power Train interdisciplinary engineering services also cover functional and durability testing, pilot engine builds and the continuation of supervision for production, which includes fleet testing.

Product Development

All engines for industrial machinery need to cover an enormous range of different applications in terms of design, duty cycles and operational conditions. This requires a dedicated engine architecture as well as a high degree of flexibility to adapt the engine to the individual requirements. MD Power Train is involved in engine and powertrain development programs with several product manufacturers and supplying industries. This means that MD Power Train has the expertise to provide precisely tailored solutions and leading edge technology for our clients.

Engineering References

Normally MD Power Train have an NDA with our customers and will not disclose the particular project, but have attached a few where we have the okay from our clients.


With more than 20 years of experience working closely together with equipment manufacturers, test centres, boat builders, military vehicle producers, owners and operators, MD Power Train has built up the expertise and infrastructure necessary to provide comprehensive global service and support.

Marine Engines

Marinediesel have delivered marine engines for commercial applications for over 20 years, now with a range from 2L to 13L and 200hp – 700hp.